VBL Iran Project

Legal and commercial support to companies.

VBL in Iran: the Persian door

Lawyers and experts in international law and trade, plus local professionals. Solid and widespread networking with small and large, private and public Iranian businesses. For foreign investors, VBL is the door that opens onto the Persian world, and for Iranian industries the door that opens onto the Western world. In the course of the years, VBL has developed a dialogue based on mutual trust. And on positive results.

  • We are the first foreign law firm to operate in Iran.+

    Over the years, VBL has developed a strategic presence in Iran. We didn’t just seize recent opportunities: we predicted them with our entrepreneurial strategy.

  • We are by your side along the way.+

    The Iranian model of attracting investors is not merely about purchasing goods or services, it also implies an involvement in the recovery of the country’s foreign trade together with local companies. VBL provides step-by-step support to foreign investors, in legal/technical as well as in cultural matters.

  • A strong network.+

    It took years to us to understand the country and build our renown. The tight network of relationships we have established along those years allows us to play a privileged role in the complex political and industrial system of Iran.

  • A unique approach.+

    We are present in some strategic countries that are related to one another for business (and cultural) reasons. In each of them we tailor our activities and organization to the local culture and the needs of foreign investors.

Doing business in Iran.

Doing business in Iran - Infographic

Iran’s oil and gas reserves are among the biggest in the world. There are large State-owned companies direct raw materials exploitation, but there is also a solid network of small and medium-sized manufacturing companies and a thousand-year-old tradition of building construction and technologies.

With a population of 80 million, Iran produces for a 400-million market represented by all the neighbouring Farsi-speaking countries. Because here, economy and culture are linked together more than anywhere else in the world.

Practice areas in Iran

VBL makes available the relationships it has established in Iran to assist foreign investors with a turnkey service.