A strategic response to the needs of companies.

VBL offers, in the countries in which it operates, legal advice and litigation support, institutional relations, scenario analyses. The firm also assists companies in their investment projects.

  • Method+

    Our method is to understand our customers’ needs and integrate their knowledge with our ability to find solutions.

  • International reach+

    Rome, Moscow, São Paulo. VBL provides assistance and guidance to companies, enabling them to choose a path, stay up to date and seize global growth opportunities.

  • Flexibility+

    VBL can adjust to foreign investors' needs, in terms of both organization and activities, in every country the firm works in.

  • Interdisciplinarity+

    To believe in the power of collective intelligence means to set up a truly different law firm where lawyers, accountants and consultants speak a common language understandable to customers.

International by vision, independent by choice.

Overcoming legal, cultural and linguistic barriers. This ideal motivation makes VBL a connecting bridge, a master key to prevent and resolve disputes.

International by vision, independent by choice.

Independence is a value that allows VBL to be fast and flexible in making decisions, in positioning, in formulating strategies and adapting them to each country and each specific operation, as well as to the cultural, historical and geographical context.

“We focus on looking beyond the limits of the visual field. We use imagination to create scenarios and find new solutions that sometimes are even anticipatory, because timing is important. And it takes courage to achieve them. Courage and lightness (which does not mean carelessness).”

Fabio Bassan
Founding Partner

“Our task is to support companies in their activities in order to identify possible obstacles, especially in less familiar markets or geographical areas, and partner with them in finding the most appropriate strategies and solutions for each case.”

Silvia Venturini
Founding Partner

Practice areas and industries.

We are neither a boutique firm nor a full-service enterprise. However, in each country VBL works in, we offer what is necessary to support our customers all the way through.

VBL is recognized as a synonym for excellence in all the areas we work in.